Belajar Bareng R

Belajar Bareng R Programming
Membuat buku yg bisa dikonversi ke HTML, PDF, and EPUB bisa dilakukan di R dengan menggunakan R Markdown dan Bookdown [12] Contohnya adalah buku R for Data Science [13]


  1. Introduction to Data Science, Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R,
  2. R for Data Science,
  3. Programming with R,
  4. Introduction to R at the University of Akureyri.
  5. Object documentation,
  6. Writing Package Documentation,
  7. Structuring R projects,
  8. Shiny from RStudio,
  9. Data Management in R Combining data in R: the skill of merging, joining, and stacking,
  10. 9 Challenges on Data Merging and Subsetting in R & Python (for beginners),
  11. Joining Data in R with dplyr,
  12. Finding those "Nemo's" in Data,
  13. Bookdown,
  14. rds,
  15. ggplot2 extensions,
  16. Text Mining with R,
  17. Introduction to MySQL with R,

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